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Dear IAMFT Member,


Hope you are having a wonderful start to the new year. I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Anita Chlipala, and I have the honor of serving as your president for the next two years.

I have been serving on the board of directors for IAMFT for several years, and have the utmost respect for everyone who has worked tirelessly to help our profession. Until I became a member of the board, I didn’t realize how much “behind the scenes” work took place to promote our profession, give MFTs more opportunities, and perhaps most importantly, protect our license. One of our recent major accomplishments is that we can now work in the schools. A couple of our dedicated IAMFT members have developed the rules for this position and have submitted it to the Illinois State of Board Education (ISBE).

Also, in 2017 we are working on our LMFT “sunset bill”. What “sunset” means is that every ten years, each licensed profession’s license law goes back to the legislature for review.  During this time, changes can be proposed or made to the license law.  Our ability to practice as MFTs could be affected by this review so our IAMFT Lobbyist will be monitoring and advising on this process.  A portion of your membership dues have helped to pay for our Lobbyist who has been a critical piece in making sure we can all continue to practice in Illinois.

I want to keep this momentum going. My vision of my presidency is similar to my approach with my clients—practical and action-oriented. What do you need from me, from our board of directors, from IAMFT? I’ve known many of the board members and we all care about our members and our profession. Just because we’re the board doesn’t mean we’re this “stuffy, unapproachable” group—really! Contact us, say hi at events, be our Facebook friend—we want to stay as connected as possible to what you’re going through as an MFT in Illinois and how we can continue to be of service.

As of the writing of this letter, we are over 650 strong in Illinois, one of the strongest in the country. But let’s be stronger. Tell your colleagues about IAMFT and the work we do on the behalf of our profession. Join our Facebook group and “Like” our page. Let us know how you want to be involved—we always have room on our committees for more members. The time to make a difference is now, but we need you. Hopefully I’ll also see you at our annual conference in April!





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    In partnership with MFCS in Rock Island,
    IAMFT is providing an online version of the course: Preparing for the LMFT Exam. Those who register will be able to watch the class on a secure YouTube channel.
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